Like a Box of Chocolates – Fridays GiveAway

Have you ever pictured what your week was going to look like but when you got to Friday you wondered what happened? That’s me this week. I had so many plans and projects. I’d even written a few blog posts – in my head. And somewhere in my posts, I was going to drop a hint or two about my Friday Give-Away!

Like Forest Gump explained so many years ago, life really is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

This week, I didn’t get what I hoped for. I’m still trying to figure out what happened. I don’t know if I had too many things to do, or if I didn’t organize my time and my to-dos well. Although I got a lot done, I didn’t complete all I needed and wanted to accomplish.

Ever since summer ended and school started, I’ve felt like I’m trying to catch up and like it’s not going to happen any time soon. Honestly, I feel like my life’s chocolates are melting, and I’m not enjoying them as much as I’d like to.

It’s kind of ironic. Me needing help organizing my time and my life. You see, it fits perfectly with my Friday Give-Away, and I wasn’t even trying to drop hints. Today’s give-away is all about getting organized by making the most of the time and tasks God has given each of us!


I’d like to introduce you to my good friend, Karen Ehman, who is the author of “The Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized”. You will have a chance to win her book, a $10 gift card to buy some time-saving, life-organizing tools from Target and a box of chocolates in today’s give-away!
Karen recently shared with me why she wrote this book:

Even though organizing my “stuff” and managing my time came pretty naturally for me, I was completely thrown for a loop when I became a mom. It is one thing to get all your ducks in a row. It is quite another to keep them that way when you have a family. Just as soon as you line them up, along comes one of your kiddos (or your hubby!) knocking them all down again!

I wrote this book to walk alongside other women, helping them to understand their unique situation–their season of life, the stage of their kids, their personality type–all of those components that go into finding an organizing style that “fits” them. Then from there, I help them set the bar where they want it set.

Karen, what is unique about your book?

I don’t offer a one–size–fits–all method because I’m convinced we all view success in organizing differently. One gal may HATE a junk drawer with an assortment of items tossed in. Another thinks such a drawer is a staple of life. The second gal might really be driven nuts by dust, but not by clutter such as unfolded, clean laundry. On the other hand, her friend might not mind a thin layer of dust on her furniture but cannot stand having unfolded laundry in view. This book helps gals decide what organization looks like to them and then helps them to get there.

Also, being a women who manages her time well and organizes her home and office isn’t an end in itself. It has to be about something more. I like to teach women how to take care of the ‘have tos’ of life–the cleaning, menu planning, grocery shopping, laundry, errand-running and such, so they can actually get around to the ‘want tos’ of life—connecting with God, spending time with their husbands and kids, hanging out with that friend or pursuing that passion. This book helps them get there!

What will women gain from reading your book?

Again, the key to good organization is not a one–size–fits–all method. It is a unique plan that considers personality type, lifestyle, income level, and family schedule. I offer a simple step by step process to help women recognize their own personal style of managing their households successfully and develop a unique plan that gives them the freedom to:

  • manage their time wisely
  • de–clutter and organize their homes
  • plan menus, shop more efficiently, and become more comfortable and creative in the kitchen
  • get children involved in pursuing an ordered life and home
  • avoid the trap of over-commitment
  • use practical tools to assist in organization

Getting and staying organized means more time for the important things in family life—concentrating on cultivating a close, personal relationship with the Creator, drawing His word into every aspect of living, and ultimately tying their children’s heartstrings to God.


If you would like to win a copy ofThe Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized”, a $10 Target gift card and a box of chocolates, today’s your day!

You can enter to win by clicking on the word “comments” below and let me know your biggest organizational challenge. I’ll share mine on Monday with some photos. I’ll also be back later to list some other give-aways and links below this post so you can visit and enter to win other Friday Give-aways over the weekend.

If you would like two chances to win, leave a comment and a link to any give-aways you know about that go through the weekend. I’ll be back Monday to announce my winner and share my biggest personal organizational challenge.

After you enter to win by leaving your name, email so I can reach you if you win, and your organizational challenge by clicking on the word “comments below, be sure to visit Karen’s blogwhere she’s also giving away a copy of her book as well as a $10 Target gift card and some dark chocolates!

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. My biggest organizational challenge is getting rid of stuff. I can set up a system, but then I just keep adding to the basket until it is overflowing and I can't find anything. This applies to closets, drawers, you name it. God bless!

  2. There are clutter issues in my home. Letting go of items not used anymore would be helpful to every member of the family. Secondarily, finding appropriate, permanent homes for what is lying out in the open. This has been an ongoing issue in my family as my husband won't throw away junk mail until he is ready.

  3. I am not sure I can name just one thing for my "biggest" organizational challenge. I am going to name two: one is that I am seriously the only one in my family who CARES what the house looks like or whether things are organized; and two is that things get way out of control when I have to work long hours and I can't be personally overseeing things. Then when I have a day off, I can't relax, but have to take care of the messes!

  4. I just met Karen at She Speaks and am already in love of her and in awe of her love for God and she practically walks it out. If anyone ever needed this book it's me!!!!!

    My week's been exactly the same as yours it seems. When is your book's release date?? I can't wait =)

  5. ps I love your new blog header. It makes me feel like we're sitting face-to-face. I love to see your gorgeous smiling face.

  6. Kim Thompson says:

    My biggest challenge is the kids papers from school. I want to keep some of them but never find the time to go through and decide which ones to keep and which ones to throw. As a result I have piles of their papers on my scrapbook table.

  7. My biggest organizational challenge is finding a place for everything – but at the same time getting rid of the non-essentials. I'm in the midst of a big decluttering. But I'm finding that I'm creating more of a mess than what I had before.

  8. My clothes! It seems they pile up and once I get them all clean at once, I can hardly find room to put them all way. They pile up on the dresser and floor and its a constant battle.

  9. Oh hallelujah – sign me up….my dear hubby would love to see our house and me get organized!!! I think I'm just an organized messy and he laughs at me all the time! Please enter me in the contest…

  10. Please sign me up!
    My biggest organizational challenge is all the paperwork/newspapers and magazines that pile up. I can't throw all the magazines out because I may want something in there later! ugh! But where do I put them? Oh and books. Love them and can not get rid of them!

  11. Paper clutter!

  12. My biggest challenge is the end of my kitchen counter. It has become the family dumping ground.

  13. My biggest challenge is our garage. Our basement is now finished and I can begin cleaning and storing now that the drywall dust is gone (almost-not sure all of it ever goes away!).

  14. Mail, mail, and more mail!

  15. SOCKS and school papers. I had four boys in 6 years so all of their socks are pretty close. With daily life, soccer and dress socks, it seems impossible to keep them all organized. Then there are those papers. To keep or not to keep x's 4.

  16. I could stand to be more organized. A friend and I have often talked about trying to help each other get organized. I think this book would help.

  17. I could stand to be more organized. A friend and I have often talked about trying to help each other get organized. I think this book would help.

  18. Lets see… I have lots of organizational challenges but, my biggest organizational challenge is my bedroom. It is the catch-all room for all the clutter in the house. I've been working on cleaning out 1 room a month. I think it is going to take me longer than the 13 months I had initially planned ;-).

  19. My largest organizing challenge is my craft stuff. I have so much that I know I will use. But I have to pare down.

  20. Ugh! My desk (which includes mail) is my biggest organizational challenge. And, I'm a clutter bug and a book-o-holic…bad combination!! 🙂

    denise –

  21. My two biggest challenges are kids TOYS everywhere and feeling bad about getting rid of them because most were gifts. Also, closets are good for a while then get out of control…


  22. I have hot spots in my house. The places where clutter (mail, paper, coupons, etc) tend to gather and I'm the only one who notices or knows what to do with them. So when I'm really busy, they are the first to get cluttered and it drives me crazy!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win Karen's book.
    Jessica S.

  23. Biggest organizational challenge would be a tie between my kitchen and bedroom. My kitchen is never endign with mail, dishes, kid's school work, etc. that as soon as I clean it, it's a mess again within an hour. My bedroom = lack of space and a mountain of clothes.


  24. I must say that I have the best intentions every Monday morning… I have my folders organized with my things to do each day of the week and then it all goes down hill by 11am!!!! I need help organizing my life, thoughts, priorities and at the end of the day feel good about my choices. I would love the opportunity to win this book!!! Silvia Arvelo at

  25. I must say that I have the best intentions every Monday morning… I have my folders organized with my things to do each day of the week and then it all goes down hill by 11am!!!! I need help organizing my life, thoughts, priorities and at the end of the day feel good about my choices. I would love the opportunity to win this book!!! Silvia Arvelo at

  26. Laundary and mail. I can get every piece of laundary done, but cannot find the energy, motivation, or space to put everything away. My husband and I cannot find a mail system that works for us so it all just piles up on our small kitchen table, which renders it useless at meal time.

  27. Oh, I am soooooooo organizationally challenged. I don't even KNOW what to put as my biggest challenge! 🙂 I think a big issue I have is just feeling so overwhelmed by how challenged I am…I just don't even know where to start some days.

    But with my gals all in school now, there is all kinds of dust and clutter staring at me all day long. I need to start tackling some stuff…and how awesome would it be if I could then stay on top of it!

    I have actually been praying that God would help me with my disorder…seeing as He is an excellent planner, tremendously creative, and amazingly efficient. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hugs!

  28. My biggest challenge is our daughter's room. I just have no idea how to organize her toys and she even has gotten rid of a lot.

  29. My biggest organizing challenging is paper … when my kids are in school, the amount of paper we handle each day increases three-fold. I can typically manage it, but at times when I'm tired, sick, or out of town, the paper pile I come home to is totally out of control!

  30. My biggest organizational problem is the amount of paper that comes into my house. I have a hard time keeping it all organized.

  31. My kids rooms are always a challenge….

  32. I like things neat and organized so I am always looking for new inexpensive ways to do this. However, my biggest challenge continues to be my little home office. I seem to save that for last (procrastination)when it comes to organizing and it is to the point where it is starting to bother me again. I need to take another afternoon and dig in. I would love to win Karen's book and other goodies. Thank you.

  33. I have too much stuff in my craft area and my bedroom. I just can't seem to make it look neat and tidy. I clean up, then get started, things get a mess. Also I need less stuff. Makes life easier, could use some help.

  34. I have too much stuff in my craft area and my bedroom. I just can't seem to make it look neat and tidy. I clean up, then get started, things get a mess. Also I need less stuff. Makes life easier, could use some help.

  35. Outta sight outta mind….closets and cabinets!! If I can close the door and hide it, I will….I would hate for someone to come into my house and open my closet doors. Glad to know I am not the only one 🙂 Have a great day!

  36. My biggest organizational challenge is finding a place for everything. I also find the I have a hard time getting rid of the things we no longer need.

  37. My biggest organizational challenge is clutter! I have piles of stuff that i don;t know where to put and it drives me crazy sometimes. When it gets bad i will go through all the piles and toss, toss, toss. But then I worry that I threw away something important 🙂

  38. Oh, to choose one organizational challenge is such a tough thing to do…..I USED to consider myself a pretty organized girl, but much like Karen, when the kids/husband came along, out went my "perfection". If I had to pinpoint one thing, though, it would probably be laundry. I have often wondered if I might be able to sneak in a second wearing of some clothes…but then I remember, I have 2 sons and a husband. That equals 3 guys and NO re-wearing of the clothes!

  39. From Stephanie F. My biggest organizational challenge is finding the time to do all the organizing that needs to be done. I need to work on time management, I guess. I work full-time, have 2 kids and a husband that works full-time & is a full-time student! Like others have said in previous posts, paper is a big issue for me. Kids schoolwork, mail, magazines, etc.

  40. My biggest organizational challenge is my home desk. I have papers, receipts, recipes, books, to-do lists, notes, reminders, dog's tags, etc. all over my desk in no particular order. Every so often I get the energy & determination to clean it all up, but it never lasts & within a month it becomes the same mess. Help! : )

  41. Mail, paper clutter and closet clutter, all are huge challenges for me. I pull out the bills and stack the other items to go through, but then finding time to go through them? What is that? I have started de-cluttering and have donated a lot of items and clothing but can't seem to find the time or organization to just get it finished! I need help!

  42. My biggest challenge is my son's bedroom. He has too much stuff and no where to put it!

  43. My life has changed in the past few months…taking care of my granddaughter and my Dad (who recently moved here) is making it harder to take care of my own home. I know God will provide me with all I need…

  44. Biggest organizational challenge is my back door/kitchen area. This is where everything gets dropped and we have a limited space to catch it all! Still trying to find a system that works for the space I have.

  45. I am organizationally challenged in the biggest way! My biggest obstacles are keeping things way past their time (aka clutter), making time to become organized so I can try to stay that way (procrastination), and motivation.

  46. My biggest challenge is my office (@ work). It is TINY and has all the filing cabinets in it. Over the years I have added organizing tools so I could utilize almost every surface, even wire cubes on top of the cabinets. Now I need to get rid of a lot of non-essential "stuff" but can't find the time.

  47. Renee,

    I have enjoyed your blog since I found it. What a blessing you have been and will continue to be as you walk with the Lord as you minister to women.

    I would like to win Karen's book. I sure could use some suggestions on getting rid of stuff.

    Thank you for considering me.

    Hugs and Prayers,

    God Bless You!

  48. My biggest challenge is paper! It may be in the form of magazines, recipes, pictures the grandkids drew and colored, etc. I am working on it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  49. Getting organized is my goal for this new year. It is overwhelming me. Stuff and more stuff and papers and egads how can I do it?
    Started out with baby steps selling a few things on Ebay. That was a learning experience.
    I will reach this goal just have to keep putting one foot before the other and press forward.

  50. I have two! The daily influx of mail that gets dumped on our kitchen table AND my closet. I just need to get rid of clothes, but that is very hard for me to do. Thanks for your ministry.

  51. Paper! Mail, magazines anything dealing with the office. Blessings, Karen

  52. Should have left my e-mail, I guess! It is

  53. I am challenged with clutter like magazines, books, yarn/knitting supplies, cards, stationery, music CDs, etc. It's hard for me to let go of things and stay organized. I have too much of everything, and I feel overwhelmed much of the time. I admire people who are organized, stream-lined, aren't emotionally attached to stuff and can let it go!! I could sure use this book! thank you!

  54. Sign me up for this awesome giveaway, please.

    My biggest challenge is our masters bedroom. Because I am one that likes to put on that mask of perfection I alway make sure the common areas of our house (den, kitchen, bathroom, etc) so it seems I never have the time to make it to the bedroom. We also very limited storage areas so trying to find a place for everything is an added challenge.

  55. Aside from my car, the "stuff" that always, always accumulates on our bar. Mail that needs attention, small toys to go back where they belong, bags and papers for school the next day… even when it gets cleaned off, it usually just gets moved to another location, usually our bedroom, which is another issue all together. This is all a tie with TOYS! I have got to get a method of organizing these that doesn't cost an arm and a leg! 🙂

  56. Probably my biggest organizational challenge is me. It is my inability to make a quick decision on anything. I will pick up an article of clothing and think, "I don't know if this fits anyone now. I'll have to have them try it on sometime." Then I set it down where it stays until the next thing gets laid on top of it. I do the same thing with mail, school papers, etc.

  57. My biggest organizational challenge is the toys! I have a system and a plan, but my husband and boys only understand about half of it. I'm grateful that they at least try, but, oh, how I would love some additional resources!

  58. YES, PLEASE! My biggest organizational challenge (out of a list of big ones) starts with me resisting a morning routine. I hardly ever even get a shower (ssh) because it's not planned into my morning. We all get crabby and I see it stemming from my lack of ability to steer the ship of my household well. krista (at) cyburdine (dot) com.

  59. My biggest organizational challenge is keeping my house clutterless (I don't mind it but in 850 square feet I don't have room for it 🙂 )

  60. Wow, where to start. I am trying to become better organized, but no one else in the family really cares. I have my older kids' stuff who are out on their own, and one college commuter who is living at home and a lovable messy, and a wonderful hubby who is overworked and exhausted. It's so hard finding time between work, chores, cooking, etc. Mail clutter, closet clutter, garage clutter, help!!!!!

  61. I thought organizing would get easy after my kids got older, but alas, it seems to be my problem, lol!

  62. Renee,

    Thanks for being so open and honest with you readers. It's so important for them to know that you struggle with life's everyday challenges too…just like we all do!

    I love you, sweet friend and wouldn't want to do ministry without you 🙂


    P.S. Are you buying some sugar free chocolates for yourself this weekend? I hear Russell Stovers are the best!

  63. I needed this today, thank you. My week completely got away from me. An overload of projects with deadlines and then I got ill in the middle of it. This week the problem was too much to do in too little time, but my general issue is de-cluttering.

  64. Books. They crawl around the bookshelves, huddle in piles, hide next to beds. They just WON'T stay tidy!

  65. Clutter. Somehow although I try to have a place for everything, lots of stuff gets piled on the way to its home and chaos ensues … I hate that.

  66. My biggest organizational challenge is my closet. I can rearrange, organize, throw out, and in a few weeks, I have another mess.

  67. I just now had time to read the whole post! My biggest challenge by far is paperwork and filing. I even have an office now… if I could only get it organized!!

  68. I've got 2 personalities when it comes to neat and organized. At work, my desk is a model of organization – almost to the extreme. At home everything is piled everywhere and it drives my VERY neat husband crazy.

  69. Somehow managing all those papers and events that come home from school with 3 kids. My kitchen countertop constantly looks like a tornado went through it. I honestly go through it EVERY night and toss/shred what's not needed. I just cant seem to keep up with it on top of working full time.

  70. My biggest organizational challenge is my family room. My toddler has stuffed animals and toys everywhere, so it is always looking cluttered.

    Other giveaway:


  71. I used to be fairly organized, but when my sweet son came along, he had a rough, very sleepless first 5 months. The whole house went completely haywire in that time (from the office to the kitchen to the laundry room to our room), and I still haven't recovered! The only rooms that seem to stay fairly organized are his room (because he's not in it that much yet) and the living room right now. I definitely need help with that challenge.

    As for other giveaways, speaker and writer Stephanie Shott has an interview with Proverb 31 sister Rachel Olsen, and is giving away one of her books here (entries accepted until the 27th):

    Thanks for this opportunity, Renee!

  72. My closet. I work full-time out of the house – so it's all I can do to keep the "public" part of my house presentable for guests (which we have a lot of). So I never seem to have the time to really get to the part that no one but me and God and my husband ever sees…..sad.

  73. the mail…not sure what to keep and what to toss…paper just keeps piling up on the counter.

    lazymfarmsga at gmail . com

  74. Mine would be my bedside table or night stand! I never know which book, which devotional, which Bible, which magazine I "might" want to read in bed! And of course I have to have a notebook, pen, highlighter, lotion, chapstick, water…..and the list goes on! Yes I need organization! My other disaster area would be "closets". We have a love,hate relationships going on! Thank you Renee for all you do! Hugs!

  75. I have played supermom/woman for so long it's scary. And where I used to be able to multi-task pretty well, I have noticed the wheels falling off the cart a bit lately. I always overbook my time, and by multi-tasking, I can usually juggle many things, but I think I have now outbooked my ability to mult-task and juggle things. My biggest challenge is saying no, clearing my time in my schedule, and keeping it clear.
    I think I could really benefit from reading this book!


  76. My biggest challenge is finding a place for everything so everything can be in its place. I am forever trying to figure out where things can logically go, but it seems to pile up faster than I can sort through it!

    Also, having a smaller budget (we are a one income family), I'm hesitant to spend my husband's hard earned money on the items than can help make a difference.

  77. I just returned home from having a garage sale with my daughter. We could a BOTH use some organizational help……..LOL

    Thanks for the chance
    Brenda Schiesser

  78. Two words: paper clutter!!!

  79. Meal planning is a big struggle for me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  80. I have a lot of organizational issues, but I think my biggest problem right now is with my little boys' bedrooms. The rooms are small and so are the closets. Keeping all their little toys and pieces of stuff organized is driving me insane! Help! 🙂

  81. Loved Karen Ehman's other books…hope to win this one! Biggest challenge? Time management.

  82. My hubby accumulates things to resell.He's doing s pretty good job keeping them in one room.I have always had cluttter an article on crosswalk !9 easy sateps to getting organized has helped me1 have a place for yourkeys2 have aplace for your purse 3makeyour bed first thing in the morning. I haven't got sll the steps under control but Ive made a consistent start.

  83. My desk. My closets are good, but my desk at home and my desk at work– I tend to just stack stuff or stuff papers in drawers. I need serious desk help– oh yeah and my computer. I have over 20,000 emails in my inbox never deleted and my documents are crazy unorganized.

  84. I am having trouble organizing my closet it is a mess. But the rest of the house is doing great. So maybe that is a hint that I need to donate a whole bunch of stuff!!!!

  85. I have wanted this book forever! I love organizing, but still have a lot of clutter 🙁

  86. my biggest challenge is my boys' room. there are toys EVERYWHERE and no room to put them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. I SOOOO want this book! I have five children, age 7 and under, and I probably don't need to say that my biggest organizational challenge is our ENTIRE home! I want so badly to be able to teach my children organizational/housekeeping skills but I think I need to get it together first, before I can teach them. Thanks so much for a chance to win this giveaway…I'm sure my whole family would benefit:)

  88. Hi Renee! Thanks for offering another fantastic giveaway! My biggest organizational challenge is quite simply myself. I get inspired to do something, get started then get busy on something else. Focus is a big issue! What it leads to is lots of unfinished projects – which then leads to frustration and feelings of not being good enough because I did not finish what I set out to accomplish. I am in luck because our daughter's 7th birthday is in 2 weeks & I must finish the photo journal project which has completely taken over our dining room! Again, thank you for always offering such great stuff!!

  89. Hi Renee! Thanks for offering another fantastic giveaway! My biggest organizational challenge is quite simply myself. I get inspired to do something, get started then get busy on something else. Focus is a big issue! What it leads to is lots of unfinished projects – which then leads to frustration and feelings of not being good enough because I did not finish what I set out to accomplish. I am in luck because our daughter's 7th birthday is in 2 weeks & I must finish the photo journal project which has completely taken over our dining room! Again, thank you for always offering such great stuff!!

  90. My biggest challenge is my room-I am fairly organized in the rest of the house but not there. It is a dumping ground for other stuff.

  91. My biggesst challenge is keeping up and keeping everything in place. I tend to put things away, but not necessarily in the best location for future use and my boys are the same way. Help!


  92. one challenge is keeping up…on the stuff you may use 'one day' so you toss it in a closet somewhere out of sight and before you know it, the doors are nearly coming off the hinges! Thanks for this opportunity!

  93. My biggest challenge is managing paperwork………mail, bills, church bulletin, etc. It all piles up in my kitchen and I end up tucking things away in different places so my kitchen will "look" neat, but then I can't find an important paper when I need it! This has been a problem of mine for YEARS and I'm ready to find a solution!!

  94. suzi.wollman says:

    Hi, sweet lady! I hope all is well with you. I'm still praying for you…

    Here's my comment in hopes that I can win the book:

    Oh, how I wish my life was organized! I'm past the children-at-home stage, and STILL my life is disorganized! It's just me and my husband, and I don't have a "regular" job, but my life is still a mess. How do I do it??! I certainly hope I win the book, because I can't afford to buy it (another area of organization challenges?). Thanks for the opportunity!

  95. My challenge has always been paper. I have a filing system, but I leave piles everywhere. it starts with the mail, I sort over the trash can, and then I leave a big pile for my h
    husband to go thru. he travels sometimes for 10 days, so the pile can be large!! Help me, please!

    jbhescox at pacbell dot net

  96. I know there's supposed to be a place for everything and everything in its place, but I don't have a place for everything! I'd love creative storage ideas!

  97. Clutter! I do not have adequate storage spaces. No attic. No basement. Few closets and a garage which is also my "laundry room."
    Living in a 1960's ranch home…
    I'm pretty good at organizing my thoughts but forget about my desk!

  98. Rhonda: my kitchen counters! They become the "dump all" for everything, especially mail, coupons, important papers.

    I could definitely use some help!

  99. My biggest organizational challenge….??? Hmmm, I guess I'd say it's my pile of papers that just keeps piling up… my office, (even though I have 3, yes 3, filing cabinets!) and on my counter. Mail, important papers….it all piles up. I file it and then soon another one creeps up. Help! I can't stand clutter.

    Amy V.

  100. My biggest challenge is paperwork of all kinds, especially all the stuff from the kids' school. I am overwhelmed by it all!

  101. My challenge is with my turtle collection, books, and things that speak to me about God. My shelves are overflowing. I like seeing them but I do not want clutter. B

  102. Closets are my big problem, I try to tackle one at a time.

  103. I am a mother of 4 and I don't think I can narrow it down to just one thing. One of my biggest organizational challenges is paperwork. All of the papers that they bring home from school. And then all the paperwork that my husband and I have from work, church and personal papers. Then just the overall organization of our home. I work all week and don't want to spend my entire weekend cleaning house. I know it would help if things were more organized to start with.

  104. Forgot to include my email addres. Thanks!

  105. Ugh, seems to be lots of challenges.
    Getting my 15 yr. old to organize her stuff is the biggest challenge.
    Coupons for restaurants and stores. How to keep and have with me. We switch cars alot so keeping them in one car is a challenge.
    Organizing files and emails and calendar on computer.


  106. My biggest challenge is three little girls running around the house and too many craft projects! kaylee_kelm at yahoo dot com

  107. My biggest challenge is paper. It is all over the place. The kids are still young and bring art work etc., home daily. We walk in the house and lay it on the bar and it piles up. The mail piles up on the desk along with work stuff.
    I have piles of books, catalogs, artwork, devotionals, (that I print out on paper to save for later) ALL over. I print things that I think I will need to reference back to someday that are mixed in with stuff.
    I need help!!!
    I am excited about this book.

  108. I'm a piler instead of a filer. I need major intervention. I bought a filing cabinet and new bookcase over 2 months ago and have yet to put anything in them. HELP!!!!
    Paula G.

  109. My biggest organizational challenge is my kid's toys. I just can't seem to part with any of them, just in case the next child may want to play with it when they get older! I find myself getting frustrated several tines a day when toys end up all over the living room out of the playroom, in the kitchen and just wish they would stay where I put them last! I would love to read this book to help me get and stay organized. I enjoy reading and following your blog.


  110. Clutter…..that's my problem. I try to keep ahead of it but it's not always easy. I'm trying to get or should I say learn to be more orghanized but it's not easy when your not sure where to start.

  111. My biggest organizational challenge is my closet. we made the old family room in our house into a bedroom and the closet is the size of a postage stamp. I put a few things in it and my husband has to have a closet in the basement! Help

  112. My biggest organization challenge…my home. I am VERY disorganized and it is making me CRAZY!

  113. Paper, paper and more paper! That's my challenge!

  114. My biggest challenge is piles and piles. My room is a mess and my kids are picking copying my bad habit.

  115. WoW not sure how I missed this one!
    Photos are a huge one for me I have a HUGE tote…I would say its thousands of pictures in it…yes I am VERY ashamed!!! I have NOT wanted to tackle it at all!

  116. My biggest organizational challenge is paperwork. I have papers everywhere. They are in "organized piles" and some are in filed boxes, but it clutters my apartment. I love reading and writing, and this ends up leaving my home cluttered with paper. I have additional difficulty staying organized because I suffer from a chronic illness/disability, so I could really use any advice for organization of all areas of my home.

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