Please pray for my man!

I am in Lake Placid, New York with JJ and the boys. JJ is running a marathon today. He just called my cell to say he’s almost at mile 12, which is right in front of our hotel.

We are headed out to meet him with a power drink, an icey cold towel and his cheering section! PLEASE pray for him to have God’s strength, endurance, stamina and whatever else he needs to finish all 26.2 miles, and finish strong! Last Nov when he trained for another marathon, he ended up in the hospital with an intestinal infection the week before and had to cancel.

Running today’s race is a huge goal and accomplishment for my man. Go JJ!!!!

JJ was doing really well when we met him at mile 12. Just talked to him on his cell, and he’s at mile 20!!! Whoo Hooo! Prayers are working. He’s said he feels great but he’s had some cramping in his legs. Please pray cramps will stop and the last 6.2 mile will be AMAZING!! I can’t wait to see him cross the finish line!!

HE MADE IT!!! Wow – 26.2 miles!!! The last half mile was nothing but steep hills. Unbelievably hard hills. But he did it. Now he’s soaking his legs and feet in an ice bath and then he’ll be taking a nap. I’m be headed to the hotel pool with the boys soon. JJ/Dad – we are SO PROUD of you!!!

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  1. Go JJ! That is great! I hope you feel great after it!

  2. That is great. Praying for him.

  3. Cheering and praying for JJ from the other side of the country. : )

    Running has become really important to me lately. I hope I am doing a marathon someday. That is an incredible accomplishment. I bet you are proud!

  4. Can't wait to hear how it went!

  5. Whhhhooooooeeeeeee! Congratulations JJ!

  6. Way to go JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From one runner to another, great job.


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