The Week-After-Christmas Memories

Okay, I know it’s a new year, but I am not over Christmas yet. I got a late start so our tree is still glowing in the corner and memories still twinkle like little lights in my mind.

While we were taking down Christmas decorations last night, Joshua asked if we could keep the tree up just a little longer. Andrew’s birthday is this weekend so we decided to keep it up until Saturday morning since I don’t want a Christmas tree in his birthday party photos. We’ll start the process tomorrow, but before we do I have a few memories to ponder in my heart and treasure just a little longer.

Christmas Lights
As I shared in another post, I am a “white-lights-kind-of-girl” and only have white lights on our tree downstairs and colored lights on a smaller tree upstairs. This year I surprised the boys and put colored lights with the white lights on our main tree. Then I called them down to decorate it. They were shocked and so thrilled! I wish you could see their expression. I have to admit, it’s the prettiest tree we’ve ever had.

Christmas Gifts
We start Christmas with a special breakfast. Andrew lit the candle clipped to his plate and told Jesus what he wanted to give to Him He said he wants to be more patient, especially with his brother. Andrew thanked Joshua for being nice to him that morning, and told him he wanted them to have a good day, and he was going to try really hard to be patient. This was big because they were sick of each other the day before and had gotten into a big fight. Andrew’s gift was the best of the day – to God and to his mom and dad!!

Christmas Ornaments
My mom lets the boys choose ornaments for each person based on something about them. Andrew chose a golf cart because he loves to visit his Grandpa Swope in FL and ride in his golf cart. Joshua chose a small plane because he loves to fly in airplanes. They chose one for JJ with Snoopy and Woodstock at a campfire because JJ loves Charlie Brown and camping. Mine was a snow globe…because mom said they couldn’t figure out what to get for me. 🙂

Christmas Poses
The boys talked me into getting these hats and now I like them as much as they do. I could not believe they both posed for me. They usually run from the camera. They were so grown up this year and in such a playful mood.


Christmas Dinner, Games and Hugs
JJ’s parents drove up from Florida Christmas day and arrived just in time for Christmas dinner. We had a great time together laughing and reminiscing.

The guys also played a serious game of checkers. Three generations of Swopers, there’s nothing like ’em!

And here is JJ with his mom. What a treasure she is!

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be posting photos on our family blog of our ski trip to Vail. I know some of you have been waiting (and pestering me) for those. Thanks for your patience and persistence. I can’t wait to share them with you!

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  1. Digging for Pearls says:

    Thanks for sharing your photos. They were precious. Now you have more for scrapbooking! 🙂
    We still have all of our Christmas decorations and tree up as well. We didn’t get a chance to decorate until late this year because of health issues, so we all are enjoying having the house still decorated. The live tree is still drinking water, so we’ll keep it up for a while yet.

  2. Lysa TerKeurst says:

    Hi Friend~
    Love the photos— so, when are we going to schedule that scrappin’ day? Soon???

  3. MrsProverbs31 says:

    What a beautiful family you have here. God bless you. I enjoy reading about your family and Christmas memories. Wow!

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