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When My Desire For Control Starts Controlling Me

When I Give God Control

Ever notice how when life circumstances feel out of control, you’ll try extra hard to grasp control? 
For me, I’ll try to control my kids, husband, my schedule or what ever I can get your hands on. And it’s usually not a pretty sight.

Like the day I felt like my life was out of control, so I decided to do ALL . THE . LAUNDRY like a ninja warrior! But when I went upstairs to put clean clothes away in my then fifteen-year-old son’s room, I discovered he had not put his clean clothes away the week before! Instead, he’d stacked them on his dresser, thrown dirty clothes on top of them and his big pile of clean clothes had fallen over into his dirty clothes basket on the floor – filled with sweaty stinky boy socks, shirts and shorts!!!

I was not a happy mama! My words to Joshua were harsh and my reaction was excessive. Instead of taking time to breathe and coach my son in laundry etiquette, I yelled at him!!! And a few hours later I felt so guilty I couldn’t sleep.

I lost my temper, but that’s not all. My need for control was starting to control me. 

I wanted to do laundry and for his room to be clean so I’d feel like something in my life wasn’t a mess!  But what I needed was God’s perspective and peace. What I needed were tools and ahead-of-time strategies to deal with frustrating circumstances that set me off.

My friend Lisa-Jo knows how I feel and she’s created a life-giving resource for weary ones like me and you! I’ve watched her let God use the most shameful, raw places of her anger struggles to give hope to other moms. And dads. Honestly, at our house it’s helped my husband too. And even if you’re not a mom, some of just need to know we’re alone if we struggle with our temper.

IF YOU’RE LIKE US and could use simple tips that have made radical, life-giving difference I wanted to let you know about The Temper Toolkit  Lisa-Jo created.

The Temper Toolkit includes:

7 self-paced teaching videos, downloadable audio (so you can listen on the go) and key takeaways from each lesson beautifully designed as phone lock screens, computer wallpapers or a print so you can choose which format is best to help you take the lessons with you on the go.

5 bonus videos including special videos for how to talk to your husband about your temper journey as well as how to talk to your kids. If our kids also struggle with big feelings, here are some practical ways to help them put words to what they’re feeling. And to help them understand all the potential for good packed into their passionate temperaments.

Beautiful prints you can frame like the one designed for What to Tell That Kid Who is Pushing All Your Buttons.



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And you get all this for $29 – the cost of one exhausted drive-through dinner with the kids after a day of meltdowns (with a 30 day money back guarantee!) That’s right! If this isn’t a good fit, you’ll get your money back with the 30-day money back guarantee. 

PLUS the first 30 friends who purchase The Temper Toolkit using the links on this post, 
will receive a FREE set of 31 Scripture Cards from ME!! (valued at $5 )


If you’re tired of losing your peace, patience and temper,
let me know and I’ll put you on my waiting list
notification email for the Temper Toolkit.

I know you’re going to love it as much as we do!

Cheering you on! ~Renee

3 Secrets to Lasting Friendships


I sat across the table listening to their laughter and admiring the bond between two older women I’d just met at a luncheon. Their friendship was uncommon and my heart craved the kind of connection they had.

The way they loved each other, how well they knew each other and how much they enjoyed being together reminded me of a Hallmark commercial. But this wasn’t television, it was real life.

When I asked how long they’d known each other, they both replied, “More than 60 years.”

More than 60 years? Now I was more interested in listening than eating lunch. I put down my fork and picked up a pen to take notes. How did they meet? What did they do to build a lifelong friendship? What kind of moments and memories filled all those years and kept their hearts so closely knit together?  Here’s what I discovered:

They were intentional about making their friendship last because it mattered to them. After meeting in grade school, their friendship grew and continued long after they both married their high school sweethearts, who played football together.

Things had to be planned and time together had to be priority. Their families vacationed together for years. And when they were young and had little money, they’d all get together for a meal while the kids played in the yard. But as their kids got older it became more challenging, so they’d get together and play cards once a week — a tradition that was still going strong.

They determined early on they would be there for each other no matter what. These two lifelong friends were now widowed and counted on each other for companionship and laughter, weekly shopping adventures and everything in between. And they had an understanding between them. If one of them starts feeling down she’ll call the other and say, “Hey, I need to get out of the house.” And then they go do something together.

I thought about how different our generation is, how busy we are. How much we rely on screen time more than face-to-face time…. 

Click here to keep reading. We’re talking about our craving for connection and how to develop lasting friendships over at (in)Courage. I’d love to hear your thoughts and pray for you and your friendships, too.