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“Who Told You That You Were ________ ?”


What’s wrong with me?” It’s a question I’ve asked far too many times.

When I forget to do something important, when I’m late for a meeting, when I yell at my kids, lose my keys, can’t keep up with deadlines and dirty laundry, or walk into a room in my house and can’t remember why I went in there — the list goes on.

And every time I ask, “What’s wrong with me?” I actually tell myself something is wrong with me.

Then I try to figure out my elusive fault so I can change it.

But then one day it happened:  I got tired of telling myself something was wrong with me.

I got tired of trying to figure out my elusive fault so I could change it.  

And I realized what I needed to change was the way I talked to myself.

God doesn’t want us berating ourselves with questions and statements that make us feel defective.

But, we have an enemy who loves to cast a shadow of self-doubt over us by playing into our self-defeating thoughts. He tries to get us to focus on all that is wrong with us (real or perceived), instead of anything that is right with us….

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Giving God My “I Can’t…”


Sometimes I just want to shout, “I can’t DO THIS!”

Circumstances can get overwhelming.

Relationships can be frustrating.

And there are days when I just can’t figure out what to do. 

I was having one of those week recently, and God used my little one to help me see the missing piece in my process.

Aster was trying to play a game on our iPad when she shouted, “Mom, I can’t do this!”

She was in the living room and I was in the kitchen washing dishes. Without even really thinking about what I should say, I instinctively responded:  “If you can’t do it, just bring it to me.”

And as those words came out of my mouth, I realized that is God’s response to me, when I’m struggling.

He says, “If you can’t do it, Renee, just bring it to Me.”

When I’m hurting, overwhelmed, or confused.

God says, “If you can’t ___________ just bring it to Me.” 

This week if you start feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated or uncertain …. remember to bring it to God.

Take what you can’t handle and put it in His hands.

Watch God take your “I can’t…” and turn it into something He can.

QWhat is an “I Can’t…” that you can give to God this week? Share it in the comments and let’s pray for each other this week. How about we share ours, and then leave a short prayed for someone who left a comment above ours. {I’ll go first}.

Your “I can’t” can be as simple as  “I can’t get all the laundry done” or as complicated as “I can’t figure out God’s will for my life” or as private and short “I can’t forgive my husband”. {If you’re reading this via email, please click here to leave a comment below this post on my blog}